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Register Your Students For This Activity

Posted by ifk on October 12th, 2015

Once your students choose this topic you will need to register them into this classroom so they can BLOG about this topic withn this site. You will find step by step instructions for registering your students on page 6 of the Time Project Activity Booklet. Once registered students can begin posting information to this site. Their first task is to introduce themselves to other students working on this particular Blog Topic. 

Students start introducing themselves by writing a short profile including: first name only, age, school, country, hobbies and they post that introduction in the blog area of this TOPIC.  After introductions - students research this topic and post their blogs about this topic for all within this area to see. Teachers refer to the Time Project Resource section to see success criteria for blogging and helpful lesson suggestions such as Blogging 101. Happy Blogging Everyone.

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